Specializing in Women's Recovery

Specializing in Women's Recovery


Are You Enabling Your Loved One?



Enabling thoughts, feelings, attitudes, or behaviors can unintentionally enable someone’s addiction to persist or worsen, and they are shielded from facing the consequences of their actions. Most of the time, family members who enable are unaware of the harmful impact their actions are having on their loved ones.

How do you determine whether you’re enabling your loved one? The following are some frequent examples of enabling that you may not be aware of.

  • Making excuses for the actions of your addicted loved ones
  • Avoiding discussions regarding substance use disorder for fear of receiving a negative response
  • Giving money to a dependency craving addict without knowing where it will be spent
  • Paying rent or utilities for a loved one when you know they are not making any progress toward recovery
  • Not following through with consequences you have previously set when your loved one breaks his or her recovery contract
  • Attempting to drink or use drugs with a drug-addicted loved one to strengthen the relationship

Alcoholism and drug addiction usually worsen if left untreated. Regardless of how upset you are with your addicted loved ones, giving up on them is never an option.

If you are battling with enabling a loved one, you must take steps to change this behavior. Seeking out both individual and family therapy from a rehab center can be a terrific method to help with this transition.

Reviving You Recovery House is a fully accredited recovery center in Menifee, California. We specialize in regaining control of one’s life and bringing families closer together for persons suffering from addiction. Chronic substance misuse is destructive to families, but effective recovery programs may start the process of healing.

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