Specializing in Women's Recovery

Specializing in Women's Recovery


How Our Residential Program Supports Recovery


Community Nurse Visits Senior Woman Suffering With Depression

A residential program provides a safe, non-judgmental environment for individuals to recover from substance abuse disorder. In this environment, they receive individualized care from licensed and qualified professionals to address substance abuse and mental health issues that may be co-occurring.

As a reputable recovery house in California, we will discuss how a residential program can help support recovery from substance abuse disorder:

  • Safer Environment
    Residential programs offer a safe, supportive environment for residents. There are counselors and staff that understand what the residents are going through and do their best to provide help and support in a calm and conducive environment. This allows residents to focus on their recovery and allows them to feel safe and protected.
  • In-Patient Detox
    For a person that is recovering, the process of going through withdrawal and detoxing can be unpleasant. With residential programs, there is in-patient detoxification to remove the substances safely from the body. A detox program is designed to achieve a safe, supportive withdrawal from substances as residents transition into a sober life.
  • Aftercare Services
    It takes time to recover from addiction. Hence, close monitoring is essential at recovery programs to ensure they continue to do well after they recover. That is why residential programs include a plan for aftercare and relapse prevention. This includes outpatient treatment and sober support in the community.

Reviving You Recovery House offers a safe, therapeutic environment with 24/7 supervision and support from staff. As an established recovery center in Menifee, California, our residents receive counseling from licensed mental health and substance abuse professionals. For more information about our programs, feel free to reach out to us at your earliest convenience.

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