Specializing in Women's Recovery

Specializing in Women's Recovery


Recovering from Addiction



Addiction is not a joke. Getting through addiction is not as easy as plugging in a rice cooker, pressing down the cool button while scrolling through your social media accounts waiting for it to change to warm; addiction recovery is a life-long process. It takes more than courage to take the first step to recovery.

How does someone become addicted? How does it feel like being addicted? Are addicts dangerous? These are but just some of the few questions people tend to ask. Answers to these questions vary, the same goes for wanting to know how can someone recover from addiction. When you think of addiction, it might feel scary. Others would even associate addiction with criminals and jails. The underlying concern now is; can someone recover from this illness?

A recovery center in Menifee, California, Reviving You Recovery House offers personalized treatment plans and evidence-based methods that will help you steer away from the unwanted addiction. Our facility provides individualized recovery plans that will cover the needs of every individual who wants to start their journey to sobriety.

Addiction recovery meets more than your physical, mental, and emotional needs. As a recovery house in California, we promote an alcohol and drug-free lifestyle for our clients helping them to live a better quality of life through a holistic approach.

Addiction varies from person to person but our aim and goal know no one. Our recovery programs help individuals of all ages, men and women alike, from a comfortable and safe environment under the care of our trained professionals. We work around the clock with individualized programs that help our clients get through this life-long process – recovery.

Heal at your own pace. Deal with your substance use disorder. Recover from this unwanted chapter and start your journey to a better quality of life. For further queries and concerns, reach out to us anytime at 951-723-7598 | 855-723-7598 or email us at admin@revivingyourecovery.com. Craft your healing chapter now!

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