Specializing in Women's Recovery

Specializing in Women's Recovery


Warning Signs and Symptoms of Substance Abuse


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Addiction affects people in different ways and as a result not every addiction looks the same. Although substance abuse disorder affects people differently, there are a few telltale signs and symptoms that can help you identify potential issues in a loved one. As a trusted recovery house in California, we will share those warning signs:

  • Physical Signs of Substance Abuse

    A person with substance abuse disorder may have slight alterations to their physical appearance that will start to become more noticeable. This includes bloodshot eyes or dilated pupils and their skin texture and complexion. Look for any signs of abnormal puffiness or a washed-out color that may indicate ongoing abuse of alcohol or drugs.

    They may also exhibit sudden weight loss or gain, as well as a lack of interest in personal grooming. If you notice these signs, consider signing up for recovery programs in your area.

  • Behavioral Signs of Substance Abuse

    Substance dependency can take over the mind’s reward system. They may become complacent or apathetic towards the hobbies or people they usually cherish. Substance use disorder can cause people to frequently fail to follow through on plans, have a lack of enthusiasm, or exhibit irritation or mood swings.

    They may also struggle with establishing and maintaining limits. This may manifest in difficulty controlling the urge to take a prescription drug at a higher dose or setting a limit when it comes to drinking alcohol.

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