Specializing in Women's Recovery

Specializing in Women's Recovery


Yoga for Substance Abuse and Addiction



There are a lot of recovery programs available to treat substance abuse and addiction, from traditional to alternative, to complementary. More programs now focus on a “whole person” or holistic approach that encompasses a variety of methods and tools to achieve, maintain, and enhance recovery.

One way to treat substance abuse addiction is to commit yourself to a residential program that offers effective methods of recovery. An effective method is yoga, which is a complementary or adjunct health practice that is often considered a natural form of medicine. Yoga is beneficial when it is used in tandem with other traditional substance abuse treatment methods.

Modern yoga uses physical postures that help a person connect his or her mind, body, and breath to gain self-awareness and focus attention inward. Yoga is increasingly being used in substance abuse treatment programs and throughout recovery to help prevent relapse, reduce withdrawal symptoms and cravings, and provide a healthy outlet to cope with potential triggers and daily life stressors. Our recovery house in California offers this effective method as well.

Doing yoga may help balance some parts of the brain and body that are impacted by drug abuse in a natural way. In addition to the physical component of yoga, it also offers a lot of emotional benefits. By focusing all your energy inward, like what happens in yoga, you can take ownership of the way you feel and gain control over yourself and your subsequent actions.

Start doing yoga now and reap its benefits! Call our recovery center in Menifee, California to know more about our recovery programs. We, at Reviving You Recovery House, are always ready to help.

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